Manchester, Connecticut

Live MFRE Radio Stream

Listen to MFRE Dispatch live:



Channel 1 is utilized as the Fire Departments “Fire Dispatch” Channel. All initial emergency calls are assigned on Channel 1. Single Company responses use Channel 1 to keep Fire Alarm and other Companies abreast of their status.


Channel 2 is utilized as the “Administrative Command” Channel.

Channel 2 is used during larger scale emergencies allowing Incident Commanders direct communication with the dispatch center. During a “Working Fire” is essential that the Incident Commander have an open Channel with Fire Alarm to request additional resources and to advise of incident development. Going to Channel 2 allows additional calls to be managed on Channel 1. During a large scale incident, off-duty fire fighters and departments from surrounding towns are summoned to maintain service in Manchester.


Channel 3 is utilized as the initial Fireground Operations Channel.

Channel 3 provides a direct line of communication between Incident Commanders and Fire Fighters. Because Channel 3 is not a repeated channel it may be difficult at times to hear it. This Channel is a “Radio to Radio” frequency and is typically strongest on the Fireground.


Channel 4 is utilized as a secondary Fireground Operations Channel. Rapid Intervention Teams (RIT) along with other special assignments may be assigned this channel. Channel is also non-repeated and may be difficult to hear.